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Swimming pool maintenance in Dubai (Cleaning)

APlus Maintenance offers a very effective swimming pool maintenance in Dubai.

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Self-priming, thermoplastic body Monoblock Pool Pump; complete with pre-filter. Up to 1 1/2 HP, Suction 1 1/2″-. Discharge 1 1/2″; bigger sizes both 2″. Connections are with unions compatible with Fitvalf d50 Ball Valve. Easy opening lid with 40° rotation. “Xylex” lid option against aggressive chemicals for polycarbonate. Large basket. 2850 rpm – IP 55 Motor. Pump shaft in AISI 316 quality stainless steel.

Electrical Heaters. Made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel. Single Phase & Triphase. Complete with thermostat and flow switch.

DOLPHIN “HYBRID” POOL CLEANERS. Produces its own electricity by using the pool circulation system. Moves all around the pool base with pool scanning system. Provide an efficient cleaning by use of brushes. 8-10 m cleaning cycle time is 1,5 hours. It’s complete with skimmer adaptor, 90˚ elbow, automatic security valve and flowmeter. Warranty for 2 years.

Filter shell made of smooth ABS plastic which decreases algea and bacteria cling. Complete with easy opening threaded, large and transparent lid (diameter is 2cm larger than bolted lid), Complete with pressure gauge and side mounted multiport valve. OPTIONAL LIGHTING TOUCHPAD BUTTON WITH BATTERY to observe inside the filter. Maximum Working Pressure 2,5 kg/cm2. Test Pressure 4 kg/cm2. Filtration Rate 50 m3/h/m2

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Swimming pool maintenance refers to the regular upkeep and care required to ensure the cleanliness, safety, and optimal functioning of a swimming pool. Proper maintenance is crucial to keep the pool water clean, balanced, and free from contaminants, as well as to maintain the equipment and infrastructure associated with the pool.

Here are some key aspects of swimming pool maintenance:

  1. Water Treatment and Chemistry: Regularly testing and adjusting the chemical balance of the pool water is essential. This involves monitoring and maintaining the pH level, total alkalinity, and sanitizer levels (such as chlorine) to prevent the growth of bacteria, algae, and other harmful organisms.
  2. Cleaning and Skimming: Removing debris, leaves, insects, and other foreign matter from the pool surface using skimmers and nets is important to maintain water clarity and prevent clogging of the pool’s filtration system.
  3. Filtration System Maintenance: Regularly cleaning or backwashing the pool’s filtration system (often a sand, cartridge, or DE filter) helps remove fine particles and impurities from the water. Proper filtration ensures clean and clear pool water.
  4. Pump and Motor Care: The pool’s circulation system, including the pump and motor, should be inspected regularly to ensure proper functioning. Cleaning debris from the pump strainer basket and maintaining appropriate water flow will help maintain efficient filtration.
  5. Brushing and Vacuuming: Brushing the pool walls, tiles, and other surfaces helps prevent the buildup of algae and mold. Vacuuming the pool floor and walls further removes debris that may have settled to the bottom.
  6. Water Level Management: Monitoring and maintaining the proper water level in the pool is important for effective skimming, filtration, and overall pool operation.
  7. Regular Inspections: Conducting routine inspections of pool equipment, including ladders, diving boards, lights, and drains, to ensure they’re in good condition and functioning correctly. Performing necessary repairs or replacements as needed.
  8. Safety Measures: Implementing and adhering to safety protocols, such as installing and maintaining pool covers, fencing, and safety equipment (e.g., lifebuoys, first aid kits), to prevent accidents and promote a safe swimming environment.
  9. Winterizing (in seasonal climates): Properly preparing the pool for winter by draining water from equipment, protecting pipes and surfaces from freezing temperatures, and adding appropriate winter chemicals to prevent damage during the off-season.

Regular and diligent swimming pool maintenance helps ensure that the water remains safe, clean, and inviting for swimmers while extending the lifespan of pool equipment and infrastructure. It is recommended to follow manufacturer guidelines and consult professionals for specific maintenance requirements based on the type of pool and local regulations.