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Engineering services provider in Dubai

We at APlus Maintenance services offer a team of qualified engineers to enhance your working environment.

Infrared Thermography Imaging

It is a valuable tool that can have a significant impact on the maintenance productivity, we prefer to use thermal imaging on the systems that we are not allowed to shut down. Defects can be detected easily while using the thermal imaging on the electrical components.

Portable Appliance Testing

It is recommended to test electrical appliances regularly to ensure that they are safe to use and working properly.

Ultrasonic Pipe Testing

One of the predictive maintenance methods to provide the pipe thickness details without cutting and testing the pipe. This test is done through high frequency sound waves. The remaining life expectancy, corrosion rate and wall thickness loss can all be extracted from this test.

Vibration and Spectrum Analyses

Vibration Analysis applied in predictive maintenance environments aim to reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime by identifying the cause in relevant equipment, such as motors and compressors.

Indoor Air Quality Analysis

Home and work environments involve a significant amount of time indoors which can affect your health and comfort, making air quality testing vital. The health, wellbeing and comfort of employees impacts their productivity.

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Engineering services refer to the professional services provided by engineers and engineering firms to design, analyze, construct, and manage various projects and systems. These services cover a wide range of industries and sectors, including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, and many more. Here are some examples of engineering services:

  1. Civil Engineering Services: Civil engineering services involve the design, construction, and maintenance of structures and infrastructure projects such as buildings, roads, bridges, dams, airports, and water supply systems. Civil engineers provide expertise in structural analysis, surveying, geotechnical engineering, transportation planning, and project management.
  2. Mechanical Engineering Services: Mechanical engineering services focus on the design and development of mechanical systems and components. This can include the design of machinery, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, industrial equipment, automotive systems, and more. Mechanical engineers provide expertise in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, materials science, and manufacturing processes.
  3. Electrical Engineering Services: Electrical engineering services encompass the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment. This includes power distribution systems, electrical wiring, lighting systems, control systems, and renewable energy systems. Electrical engineers specialize in areas such as power generation, electronics, electrical safety, and automation.
  4. Software Engineering Services: Software engineering services involve the development, testing, and maintenance of software applications, systems, and solutions. Software engineers design and program computer software using coding languages and frameworks. They work on areas such as software architecture, database design, user experience, and software project management.
  5. Environmental Engineering Services: Environmental engineering services focus on mitigating environmental impacts and ensuring sustainable solutions. Environmental engineers work on projects related to wastewater treatment, air pollution control, solid waste management, environmental impact assessments, and sustainable development. They apply scientific and engineering principles to protect and improve the environment.
  6. Structural Engineering Services: Structural engineering services pertain to the design, analysis, and evaluation of structures to ensure their safety and stability. Structural engineers work on projects such as buildings, bridges, towers, and other infrastructure. They employ engineering principles and computer modeling to determine structural integrity and determine load capacity.

Engineering services play a crucial role in various industries, contributing to the development, innovation, and safety of infrastructure, technology, and systems. Whether it’s designing a skyscraper, developing advanced machinery, creating sustainable energy solutions, or building complex software applications, engineering services provide the expertise and technical knowledge necessary for successful project execution.